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Here's what Inner Circle Members are saying: 
Dionne now earns online revenue when not painting
"I soaked up every piece of advice Jennifer shared. I chose what to implement and what to save for later. Joining the Inner Circle has been a game changer for me. So. Much. Knowledge. Jennifer and the group are a gift. I'm honored to be of it."

Dionne Woods
The Turquoise Iris
Debi grew her Facebook audience tenfold

"I started my wreath business Facebook group in early 2013, I was hardheaded and wanted to learn things on my own and not have to pay a dime ... yet I wanted to make money in the business. 

When I joined the Inner Circle group my Facebook page had 2,500 likes and now I am over 19k likes. I am so thankful to Jennifer and her business teaching! 

Debi Goode
Debi's Wreaths and Things

Kiersten doubled her sales with her first event
"I started using the tips and suggestions that I received immediately.  We more than doubled our sales of any other fall open house and I only spent $20 on ads.  
​​​​​​This group is so encouraging and is truly a blessing to my business and to my life.

Take the leap and join this group. It is a small leap and there is this amazing net waiting to catch you including all of the great women that are part of the group with Jennifer leading the way."

Kiersten O'Dell
Market Street Floral
Brooke learned how to increase her engagement and pageviews
"When I joined the Inner Circle I was SCARED TO DEATH of filming Facebook Lives.  But, I want my business to grow and thrive and made myself do it.
 They have become second nature already. I am amazed at how well I have been received and how much my page interaction is growing. My facebook followers are growing and my blog views have been increasing dramatically. I typically run 40,000-60,000ish... and with my page growing and interacting so much more- my views are going up a lot too. In general, everything is moving in the right direction."

Brooke Riley

Sonia Found Immediate Success with Online Sales
"Because of the Inner Circle's advice, I tried online sales
and it's ​​​​​​really working!

To some, making $1,000+ in 25 days online might not be a lot. To me, it's amazing. That's money my family needs. And I almost left it on the table. Me and my husband work together full time at our business.

I've learned that you a can totally run a business from your home if wanted. I wish I could tell everyone that! ....Hindsight is 20/20!"

Sonia's Shabby Chic
Let's grow your creative business together.

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