Helping Creatives Make Money Online 

Normally the Inner Circle is only open once a year, but for Jen Hatmaker's crowd we are making an exception!

You are a CREATIVE. You dream . . . you design . . . you make. You think outside the box, and you never met a rule book you liked. You’d rather follow your passions, cultivate your gifts, and share your craft!

AND you know you need to make money!
Because #bills. And #rent. And #food. And #fun!!!

You recognize that while your passion may feed your soul, it hasn’t always fed your bank account. And you’re ready for that to change.

Maybe you’ve got an Etsy shop and you see one or two purchases come through each week. Inconsistent. Definitely not enough income to take that trip to Italy for inspiration
Or every now and then you sell a piece on Craigslist. For way less than you know it’s worth. . .
Or people are always asking you to work for free to “practice” or to “build your portfolio.” You charge hardly anything because you have no idea how to value your talent... and when you get really honest, you’re afraid people would think you are greedy or pushy if you put the price tag you WANT to on your pieces...
Or you’re already making a good income from your craft or talent, but it’s starting to take a physical toll on you. You’re not sure how much longer you can keep making at this pace, but you don’t know how you’ll survive if you ease up...
Or everything’s going smoothly now, but you’re petrified of how you’ll take care of your family if you CAN’T make or paint anything for awhile...

The bottom line?
You’re ready for GROWTH but you don’t know how to make it happen without running yourself ragged!


But what if you could take tools you’re already using - your social media platforms - and start leveraging them to grow your creative business? 

What if you could harness the power of social media to promote your business and find your EXACT right clients and customers with ease?

What if you weren’t limited to your current city for clients but could instead get your art and projects into the hands of people all around the world?

What if you could build a platform that would let you be seen as an expert instead of a hobbyist?

I’m here to help.
I’ve turned my creative passions into a 7-figure online business, and now I’m showing YOU how to grow a social platform that will bolster your bottom line!

Hey there! I’m Jennifer Allwood, and I teach creatives how to make money online. If you’re a painter, artist, DIYer, crafter, or maker who is ready to have more ease and freedom in your life WITHOUT sacrificing your lifestyle, I’m your girl!

I will teach you how to take your creative business online, grow your social media platform, and reach an unlimited supply of ideal clients and customers - so you can ENJOY your art again!  

And how do I know this is possible for you? Well, I’ve done it for myself!  Over the last four years, I’ve transformed my local paint-finishing business to an online empire, going from $0 online to building a profitable platform that has allowed my husband and me to make a more comfortable living, retire him from his corporate position,  move into our new dream home, and be fully present parents for our kids.

​​​​​​​The success of my business is largely due to me growing my social media platforms from the ground up. With 60,000 email subscribers, 330,000 FB fans, and more than 60,000 Instagram followers, I know there’s an audience for the work I produce. And I can show you how to build the same thing for YOUR business.

I remember those days of trading time for dollars and the stress and strain it put on our family. I’m here to get you OUT of that lifestyle, and INTO freedom, ease, and flexibility!

As Featured In

Kristi and Jake were able to double their income and make their business their full-time gig

 "Before we found the Inner Circle, my husband, Jake, was working a 70-80 hour work week at a dead-end job. 

 Once I found Jennifer online, for the first time I felt not scared and intimidated by that, but motivated by it; all because she helped me 1st) change my way of thinking. 2) She equipped me with not only the courage but the tools to keep moving the needle forward.

Two months after joining the IC Jake was able to quit his job, we doubled our income, and have been able to do so much more than we ever imagined. We have in the past 6 months successful launched e-courses, had TV exposure and will be featured in a big name magazine this Christmas.

In addition... aside from the business growth the IC has provided a platform to find like-minded people in a world that can be hard to navigate as a creative entrepreneur. I have made friends and connections here that I know will last a lifetime, and I will forever be grateful for this group, the information, but most importantly the constant encouragement from Jennifer, her team and all of its members. It is worth every single penny.. and more!"

Kristi & Jake Kreider
Honeysuckle Shop

Sarah's cabinet painting business made 6-figures

"Last year, I was just struggling with feeling stagnant in my business and not really growing. After joining the Inner Circle, everything changed. 
 I rebranded myself and started painting cabinets professionally this year and it’s exploded-- and I love it! My husband has even stepped out of his full time job to work alongside me. We are set to hit our first 6 figures in business this year! (It  feels crazy to even say that!) But I can’t thank you enough for the guidance in this group and Jennifer's steadfastness to teach us and believe in us."


Sarah Brackenridge
Redeemed Decor
Let’s Grow Your Business Together By Building Your Social Media Platform in 

... the Creators' Inner Circle
 The Inner Circle Membership was designed specifically with you in mind.  Inside the membership, I’m giving you all the tools, trainings, and techniques you need to grow your social media platform and start getting paid WELL for your creative pursuits!  Our goal inside the Inner Circle is for you to LEVERAGE your skills so you’re no longer trading dollars for hours.

You’re going to learn how to grow an ENGAGED following of IDEAL customers and clients, plus build RELATIONSHIPS with other online biz owners that will grow your brand visibility!

You’ll quickly see how having a stronger social presence can translate to more money - and more JOY - in your creative online business!

But we don’t stop at showing you how to grow your social media platform daily.  Because if you build it, they don’t necessarily come . . . unless and until we market to them;-) No worries, though, because I’ll show you EXACTLY how to find your ideal clients online and make sure they understand the VALUE of your offerings (hint: the more followers and fans you have, the easier this is to do, so we focus on growing a QUALITY community for your online business).

​​​​​​​Our goal is to get you making more money without spending more time and energy - by simply leveraging the social media platforms where you’re ALREADY engaged - so you can live the lifestyle you desire WHILE profiting from your passions and your God-given creative talents!
Check out how Julie grew her wreath business to six figures via the Creators' Inner Circle 

Enroll now for only $47  per month OR enroll annually for only $470. That's like getting two months free!

Sarah's confidence and traction in business took off

"I have been a member of the Inner Circle for several months and have NEVER felt better about my business. I went from being a stressed out, frazzled mess to a confident business owner in a matter of months. I have made more money in the last few months than I have in a year, with less hours! I’ve now written an ebook, started my own website, blog, and most recently was asked to teach at a large conference. All things that were never even on my radar! If you’re lacking direction, feeling overwhelmed, or just unsure where to even start, You NEED the Inner Circle! It was truly the BEST decision I could have ever made!"

Sarah Strunk
Simply Sarah

Want more details about EXACTLY how
The Creators' Inner Circle works?

Here’s what you’ll receive each month:

Monthly ACTION Steps to Implement
Each and every month, I’m telling you EXACTLY what to do to grow your social media platform. I’ve built my own platform to half a million followers, and this is doable for you, too. But it requires a STRATEGY that I’m giving you inside the Inner Circle!
Monthly Master Class Expert Training

Each month, we’ll bring in an EXPERT to interview on a particular topic that’s relevant to your business. You’ll hear first-hand knowledge and info from the pros! PLUS you’ll get homework to take your learning to the next level, bonus resources, and a Needle-Mover Action Item to help you make immediate forward progress in your online business.

TWO LIVE Group Coaching Calls Each Month

Get your personal questions answered LIVE on our monthly group calls! No biz building topic is off limits here, from how to build leverage, to which platforms are giving online businesses the BEST opportunity to grow, to embracing a rock-solid mindset, to incorporating your faith into your business. You’ll get my direct feedback on your most pressing questions.

Private Facebook Community
One of the biggest benefits of the Inner Circle is the support you’ll find inside this group of like-minded creatives.  We weren’t meant to do life alone, and it’s tough sometimes to find people who “get” what you’re up to in real life. Your tribe is here! We have more than 1200 creatives who are building thriving businesses online in this private group. You’ll receive encouragement, motivation and accountability.
Monthly Mentoring aka “What’s Working Now!”

I update the Inner Circle regularly with teachings on what’s working NOW to grow your platform and build your creative business online. The online world moves FAST, but you’ll never be left behind as you get up-to-the-minute trainings. We call these gems #CircleSecrets and they’ll help you stay super current as you grow your following!

Enroll now for only $47  per month OR enroll annually for only $470. That's like getting two months free!

You’ve got Questions?

I’ve got Answers!

Can this really work for me?
If you are a maker, furniture painter, faux painter, cabinet painter, hobbyist, jewelry maker, artist, photographer, repurposer, seamstress, or any other type of creative who desires a business, the Inner Circle can work for you! I invite you to scan this page to read all the testimonials of creatives like you who used their Inner Circle membership to accomplish huge goals in their businesses. The Inner Circle is designed to help you grow a social media platform that you can then leverage for your business - and this has already worked for more than 1200 members! It can work for you, too!
What makes The Inner Circle different from other membership sites?
The Inner Circle is different because it was designed by a creative entrepreneur (me!) FOR creative entrepreneurs (you!). The things I teach inside the Inner Circle are the same techniques that helped me grow my own business to 7 figures and my platform to half a million followers. This isn’t just theory; this is proven business strategy.  Plus, I’m a woman of faith who believes in family. My passion in life is to help you utilize the skills and talents that God gifted you with in a way that lets you be the mom, wife, sister and friend you’re meant to be. I’m all about dropping the hustle AND raising the bottom line - at the same time.
What happens after I click the “Join” button?
Great question! You’ll have the option to choose a monthly payment of just $47, or you can opt to invest in a whole year of the Inner Circle and get two months for FREE! Once you join, you’ll get a welcome email with instructions on how to log in to the Membership site and how to join our private Facebook group.  There, you’ll see our calendar of events as well as past trainings, so you can get started IMMEDIATELY!
What if I don’t have a business yet?
No problem! We can help you get started inside The Inner Circle! Your membership includes a full library of content to walk you through beginning a creative business. You’ll get step-by-step instruction plus have access to ask any questions that arise on our monthly live call or inside our FB group!

What If I don’t have a creative business?
We’ve got you covered! The Inner Circle DOES have a lot of creatives, but that’s mostly because I’m a creative and that’s how the group began.  As we’ve grown, so have the types of business represented! The Inner Circle now includes real estate agents, farmers, accountants, lawyers and all sorts of other businesses. Because the bottom line is that EVERY biz needs help growing online.

Is this group only for women?
Nope.  The majority of the group is women, but men are welcome, too (and you won’t be the only guy in the group).

What If I can’t be live on the trainings?T
That’s totally fine! While of course we want to see you live as often as possible, all of our trainings are recorded, and you have 24/7 access to the replays! We know that your schedule is often as creative as you are, and your work hours may not line up with our training times. That’s why we’ve made the replays easy to find and watch inside the Inner Circle.  

I didn’t see my question addressed.  Is there someone I can ask?
Of course! Just message and someone from my team will respond to you within 24 hours.

Enroll now for only $47  per month OR enroll annually for only $470. That's like getting two months free!

Dionne now earns online revenue when not painting
"I soaked up every piece of advice Jennifer shared. I chose what to implement and what to save for later. Joining the Inner Circle has been a game changer for me. So. Much. Knowledge. Jennifer and the group are a gift. I'm honored to be of it."

Dionne Woods
The Turquoise Iris
Kiersten doubled her sales with her first event

"I started using the tips and suggestions that I received immediately.  We more than doubled our sales of any other fall open house and I only spent $20 on ads.  
​​​​​​This group is so encouraging and is truly a blessing to my business and to my life.

Take the leap and join this group. It is a small leap and there is this amazing net waiting to catch you including all of the great women that are part of the group with Jennifer leading the way."

Kiersten O'Dell
Market Street Floral
Brooke learned how to increase her engagement and pageviews
"When I joined the Inner Circle I was SCARED TO DEATH of filming Facebook Lives.  But, I want my business to grow and thrive and made myself do it.
 They have become second nature already. I am amazed at how well I have been received and how much my page interaction is growing. My facebook followers are growing and my blog views have been increasing dramatically. I typically run 40,000-60,000ish... and with my page growing and interacting so much more- my views are going up a lot too. In general, everything is moving in the right direction."

Brooke Riley

Sonia Found Immediate Success with Online Sales
"Because of the Inner Circle's advice, I tried online sales and it's ​​​​​​really working! To some, making $1,000+ in 25 days online might not be a lot. To me, it's amazing. That's money my family needs. And I almost left it on the table. Me and my husband work together full time at our business. I've learned that you a can totally run a business from your home if wanted. I wish I could tell everyone that! ....Hindsight is 20/20!"

Sonia's Shabby Chic

Let's grow your creative business together.

Enroll now for only $47  per month OR enroll annually for only $470. That's like getting two months free!