I teach creatives how to make money online!

I teach creatives, makers, diy’ers, painters and the like to use the online space to grow their business using multiple revenue streams. Want to know how?

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I teach women how to make money online!

If you want to grow your creative business online so that you can quit trading time for money and make passive revenue in your sleep but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place!

I have spent the last 4 years pivoting my local decorative painting company to the online space where I now teach other creatives how to do the same. Listen, you are NOT a starving artist. You just lack the tools and knowledge to MONETIZE your craft. I will teach you! There are several ways we can work together:

Free biz info to help you start and grow your business.

My famous monthly coaching group for over 1800+ creatives.

My 6-week Bootcamp to teach you how to scale your business online.

60 Facebook Live Ideas

With over 300K followers on Facebook, I have mastered the Facebook game. The absolute BEST thing you can do to up your Facebook reach and get new followers is to go LIVE on Facebook. Yes, go LIVE.

Now before you start to tell me all the reasons WHY you don’t do LIVE video, let me tell you that I have national brands paying me to go live and have had 4 LIVE videos go viral to over 1 million people each. You have to go LIVE and I can teach you how. If you just aren’t sure WHAT to go live about…. enter your info here and I will send you a list of 60 LIVE video topics that you could easily do in ANY industry!

I bought my first home at the age of 21! I was on a Budweiser budget with champagne taste, so I had to learn how to fix it up and diy it all by myself.

After a few years of serial DIYing, I started The Magic Brush, a decorative painting company in Kansas City MO which I ran and owned for 17 years.

About 4 years ago however I had an epiphany. I couldn’t make any more money in my painting company because I couldn’t spread myself any thinner. I had no hours, no energy, no resources left. I was exhausted, burnt out and thinking there HAD to be an easier way to make money.

And there was. ONLINE. 4 years ago I began to sell DIY painting tutorials which went to a 6 figure business in just 14 short months. I was then hooked on the online space.

I now coach over 1000 women every month on how to use social media and the online space so that THEY can make more money while working less.

I have the honor of engaging daily with over 300K followers on my Facebook page.

I blog.

I speak a little (or a lot according to my hubby!).

I am fiercely in love with my family.

And glitter.

And paint.

And I try to magnify the Lord in all I do. This business is nothing without Him being up all in it!

That pretty much sums it up.

I’m glad you are here!

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